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What You will Learn in this Course

✔ Work with virtual technology and understand how VMs work.
✔ Creating Virtual Lab in VMs Practice production Environment.
✔ Prepare and install Nano Server, a Server Core installation, and plan a server upgrade and migration strategy.
✔ Build Domain, Domain Controller & Multiple Domain Controllers.
✔ DNS Server Configuring, Manage & Troubleshooting.
✔ DHCP Server Configuration, Manager & Troubleshooting.
✔ DNS DHCP Server Backup & Restore.
✔ Create users, groups and OUs with Active Directory Users & Computers.
✔ Create and Understand Group Policy Objects (GPOs) with Group Policy Management.
✔ Make your Windows Server 2016 OS act as a Router.
✔ Configure computers using Group Policy.
✔ Deploy operating systems using Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
✔ WSUS Server Administration
✔ WebServer (IIS) Administration
✔ FTP Server Installation, Configuration and Management.
✔ Configure Windows Server 2016 as a Print Server.
✔ Learn Fundamentals of NTFS and Share Permission.

✔ Backup and Restore Windows Server 2016
✔ Implement Data Deduplication to reduce storage
✔ Monitor Windows Server performance using built-in tools.
✔ Install and manage Windows Software Update Service (WSUS).
✔ Describe the various storage options, including partition table formats, basic and dynamic disks, file systems, virtual hard disks, and drive hardware, and explain how to manage disks and volumes..
✔ Describe enterprise storage solutions, and select the appropriate solution for a given situation.
✔ Configure a Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster, and plan for an NLB implementation.
✔ Create and manage deployment images.
✔ Implement and manage IP address management (IPAM).
✔ Implement virtual private networks (VPNs).
✔ Disk Management RAID.
✔ Set-up User Quotas with File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
✔ Enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Remote Administration.
✔ Utilize Windows Server Backups to Backup and Restore Data.
✔ Learn to Write Basic PowerShell Active Directory Commands.

You will Get Certificate After Complete the Course from "Tech Mahato Computer Academy"